How To Organize A Memorable Celebration Of Live In Vancouver

Thoughts on how to celebrate the life of a loved one

The passing on of a loved one emotionally drains each and everyone. Your loved one’s funeral are marked with a lot of mourning and sadness. However, rather than mourning the loss of a loved one, you can celebrate their life through a life celebration event. The life celebration event gives you an opportunity to reflect about the deceased one and sets the stage for emotional healing. To succeed in a life celebration event you must be artistic and come up with good ideas. The focus should be about the death person’s life story given within a short space of time. You need to think of how the deceased live their lives and what they liked and disliked. You can then form a story through these short anecdotes. This article explores some important ideas that will make your life celebration event to be successful as follows:

  • Releases-You can organize for releases for various items like lanterns, balloons, and doves to either the sky or water. You can let attendees write special messages of remembrance on the lanterns or balloons. You can then gather together and release them simultaneously to the sky or water.
  • Music and poetry-you can either have a live performance by a band. You can select various styles including jazz, classical or mariachi. Music can be used to put together each item of a funeral celebration.
  • Flowers and donations-You can have the flowers arranged in a special way to emphasize the theme of the celebration.

    You can also have flowers matching with the deceased person’s favourite team. If you don’t find flowers to be important, you can ask attendees to bring some amount for a charity cause that the deceased pursued.

  • Transportation-This should done in style. You should ensure that the ride from the celebration location to the cemetery is done in style and good order. You can have a motorcycle club escorting the body to the cemetery.
  • Reception-The food served during a celebration for life occasion should reflect the menu that the loved one used to offer his/her family. If they loved certain foods, you need to share them during that occasion.
  • Decorations-It is important to decorate the venue of life celebration according to the passion and likes of the deceased person. Special collections and certain commendations should be brought to the venue to add to colour.
  • Funeral attire-This should be a reflection of your loved one’s uniqueness. In case your loved one liked certain teams, the attendees should wear clothing representing the team’s colour.
  • Legacy Ideas– There are various approaches to this depending on what your loved one used to like. For those who loved animals, you can collaborate with an animal shelter to host an adoption.

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